Energetic Alignment

Many people struggle with feeling lost and overwhelmed with life.  They feel like they are at the cross-roads with no clear path ahead and they feel completely stuck.  The uncertainty and stress can heighten levels of anxiety.

They see their friends and family who seem to have it all together and they struggle to understand why their life isn’t working out how they had hoped.  They search for deeper meaning and understanding in their relationships and career choices with counselling, however it just hasn’t worked as it felt generic and surface level.

Time feels as though it is slipping through their fingers and another year passes and they are still stuck in the same negative patterns with no changes.

We have helped many people at New Leaf Healing just like you with our Energetic Alignment program which is a unique treatment divided into 12 weeks.  Energetic Alignment is specifically designed to help you release old patterns and blockages at a deep level, allowing you to live your true purpose.  When you experience more of your own natural energy becoming available and held, your usual way of operating or coping in your world may also change.

The sessions are relaxing and nurturing and involve a combination of talk therapy and body work where you lay on a massage table with hands on healing and a light energetic style massage.

The overall intention of the energetic alignment process is to empower you to operate from the real you.

During your complimentary phone consultation, we will discuss whether this program is suitable for you and your specific needs.  We will then book your initial appointment at a convenient time for you.

It’s time to find your answers and live an empowered life.

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