Struggling with personal relationships can be soul destroying and deflating.

Some people wanting to be in a relationship feel constantly helpless, un-lovable and have difficulty understanding why they can’t find a partner and wonder what’s wrong with them? They feel like they will never truly be loved and sabotage new opportunities due to underlying negative subconscious patterns that may be running the show.  Their mind is so full of negative beliefs, there is no room for positivity.

Lack of effective communication, care and understanding in families can lead to long-term issues where they struggle to understand and deal with their emotions, they have low self-esteem and go on to feel lost in life with no true awareness or understanding of connection and love.

Unhealed and painful past events leaves some partners feeling unsure, jealous and clingy.  They are tired of all the broken promises, lack of trust and feeling stuck and they know they can’t live like this any longer. Even though they are in a partnership they don’t feel acknowledged and they feel lonely and isolated. In some cases they turn to bad habits to fill the void but this creates even more distance with their partner, or they start obsessing about something that drives their partner crazy.  In the past they’ve tried couples therapy, counselling and even some group work but it felt generic and incomplete as they are still looking for answers.

We are dedicated and passionate about helping people heal out-dated, negative beliefs and thought processes; to heal past wounds and hurts so that you can feel more confident, learn how to deal with emotions and communicate more effectively.  We have helped many people using our personalised and unique combination of hypnotherapy and energy healing programs which is a simple, safe and complete way to help you reconnect with your true self so you can attract and enjoy positive and harmonious relationships in your life.

During your complimentary phone consultation, we will identify and discuss a simple, personalised treatment plan.  We will then book your initial appointment at a convenient time for you.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to make new promises and re-ignite the spark within.

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