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  • Feeling Stuck, Stressed & Broken?

    Are you tired and exhausted all the time?  Do you believe you are not enough?  Do you struggle with the busyness of life?  Do you feel like everything in your life is a struggle and you are close to burnout?  Do you constantly put other’s needs before your own?

  • Struggling in your relationships?

    Do you struggle to find balance in your relationship with yourself and your loved ones? Do you still carry pain and hurt from past relationships? Do you struggle with low self-confidence and self-esteem? Do you feel emotionally shut down? Are you co-dependant, insecure and jealous? 

    If you are tired of the same negative patterns in your relationships and being weighed down by the past, you may benefit from one of our personalised hypnotherapy or energy healing programs. Relationships play such an important part in your life, so let’s work together so you can enjoy peaceful and harmonious relationships in your life.

  • Have you had enough?

    If you are ready to transform your life, release the stress and anxiety so you can feel inspired and empowered to live your best life, book your complimentary consultation to get started. 

  • Feeling Disconnected?

    Have you lost your way in life? Do you feel disconnected? Do you feel depressed?  Do you constantly worry what other’s think about you? Do you feel lost and struggle to see a way forward? 

    You are not alone.  It is common to feel disconnected with the constant demands and expectations in daily life. You may have lived this way for years and then you realise you’re off-track in life and you are ready to embrace a different way of living.  We are passionate about helping clients just like you realise your full potential and live a full and vibrant life!

You Are Important

We help you reconnect and embrace your true nature so you can live a happy and vibrant life.

Our Treatments


Struggling with personal relationships can be soul destroying and deflating.  Some people wanting to be in a relationship feel constantly helpless, un-lovable and have difficulty understanding why they can’t find a partner and wonder what’s wrong with them? They feel like...


Our mission at New Leaf Healing is to eliminate fear and anxiety in people just like you, because we believe when you embrace your true potential and live an inspired life, the world will be a better place.  We have helped many people using our unique combination of body and mind work which is a safe and a more complete way to heal the root cause of fear and anxiety. 


Many people suffer from debilitating and painful depression. They feel disconnected, exhausted and down most of the time. The sadness and the weight of the past leaves them feeling stuck and believing they will never feel better. People around them don’t understand why they can’t just get out of bed and get on with it. 

Energetic Alignment

Our Energetic Alignment program is a unique treatment divided into 12 weeks.  It is specifically designed to help you release old patterns and blockages at a deep level, allowing you to live your true purpose.  When you experience more of …


I feel amazing!

I was all over the place and prone to breaking down and had no sense of peace. I feel so […]

My Life Was In Complete Turmoil

I feel like there is 2 people. There is the “before Justine” and the “after Justine” and you've allowed me […]

She Always Puts Me Back On Track

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I’m moving forward, and I’m happy

I realised I had to take a chance with myself, to make myself better again…It’s been a wonderful experience, because […]

It’s A Really Good Program

It’s a really good program, I would recommend it to anyone who’s wanting to peel away some layers

I Feel A Lot Better

Over the last 6 or 8 sessions she has really helped me and I feel a lot better

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Are you feeling lost?

Overwhelmed by the stress of daily life?

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Lost to Liberated – 5 Steps to a New Stronger You

By Justine Watt

Lost to liberated
Are you ready to transform your life?

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