Eliminate Overthinking: 4 steps to a quiet mind

You constantly overthink and your mind feels like a shaken-up snow globe with racing thoughts spiralling out of control. It’s difficult to settle your mind with the constant pressure and demands of daily life.

Understand overthinking and why you do it

Feel more centred, grounded and in control

Live a peaceful and more intentional life

Would you like to feel more in control?


You constantly waste time in nervous and anxious energy…. you feel like a whole day has passed and you haven’t been productive or present! You feel like a slave to your thoughts and you constantly ruminate on the small stuff and miss the bigger picture of what really matters… You waste hours of your day worrying about the kids, your home, your work; and you spend all your time giving to others and you have no time for yourself. You struggle to sleep because your brain is in constant overdrive.

You’ve tried things in the past like counselling or medication but it was complex and slow… and yet you still struggle…..

You really want to learn simple tools on how to ditch your relationship with overthinking but you’re confused and overwhelmed with so much information and wondering if you’ll struggle with even finding the time?

In this course, I’m going to help you overcome your overthinking nightmare! This practical 4 week course was designed with YOU in mind so you can learn how to gain clarity of mind using effective meditation and other positive life tools with ease and simplicity. Unlike other complex and expensive online courses where you sign up and are then left on your own...

I will be with you every step of the way!


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Understand the basics of overthinking and why you do it
  • Debunk why you believe you can’t stop overthinking
  • Learn simple and practical meditations to interrupt your overthinking habit
  • Overcome overthinking for good
  • Be the calm, centred and peaceful person you always dreamt you would be!
  • Shift away from overwhelm and stress
  • Learn how to deal with distractions
  • Master your own energy
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, creating space for peace and happiness
  • Learn how to live more intentionally
  • Learn about your energy pathways in a practical, no-nonsense manner to feel more centred and grounded
  • Experience more of your own true nature

So, what's included in this course?

  • Live weekly zoom calls so you have the opportunity for interaction, collaboration and learning with a group of lovely, supportive women.
  • Easily downloadable course notes
  • 2 guided meditations each week that will be recorded for your own private use.
  • Being part of our private community on Facebook.

What others say about this course

"I totally underestimated the power of meditation. When done correctly, it can be life changing! Justine is a brilliant facilitator and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is curious as to how meditation works and what it can do to improve their life."

 - NB

“This course was amazing for me to learn the fundamentals of meditation in a safe environment. It took me to another level and I look forward to continuing at home.”

 - TH

"Highly recommend this meditation short course. A great introduction to meditation, with learning and understanding relevance, and some very deep experiences. It felt very safe and structured"

 - MR


Course Details

Numbers will be limited due to the intimate nature of the course.

Dates and times for the 4 weekly live Zoom calls –

  • Thursday 12 August at 7:30pm – 9pm
  • Thursday 19 August at 7:30pm – 9pm
  • Thursday 26 August at 7:30pm – 9pm
  • Thursday 2 September at 7:30pm – 9pm

If you’d like to join us….

Once you are registered, I will send you a personal invitation to join our private Facebook group

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