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In our modern world, we face a serious epidemic of loneliness. We crave real connection, but rather than reaching out, many of us are suffering anxiety and depression and alienating ourselves. This is causing a significant problem to our health and happiness.

There are now many studies showing that strong social connections have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Do you have connections in your life that offer a space for you to be seen and heard in a meaningful and supportive way? Do you feel as though people really understand you? If the answer is no, you may be interested in joining a meditation circle.

What is a Women’s Meditation Circle and why should I attend?

There are many different types of women’s circles with different themes or intentions. A meditation circle is a safe and nurturing space where women come together for contemplation, meditation and connection.

The intention is to create a space of respect and understanding and to stimulate your own healing potential. When women come together it can ignite feelings of belonging, love and connection, which can act as a preventative against anxiety and depression.

“Together we thrive. On our own we survive.”

Who are they for?

Anyone who has an interest in taking time out to honor, nurture and reconnect with themselves and to connect with other like-minded women.

Benefits of attending a meditation circle:

  • Helps you engage in life in a meaningful way;
  • Empowers you to seek growth and change;
  • Feel nourished, loved and cared for;
  • Feel united and enjoy a sense of belonging;
  • Find purpose; and
  • Feel more joy in everyday life.

What to expect in a women’s meditation circle:

  • Group meditations to help you feel grounded and peaceful;
  • Activities to ignite self-healing and creativity; and
  • Time for reflection, listening and sharing (if you feel comfortable).

Let’s get back to basics and enjoy authentic communication, listening and speaking mindfully. When you sit in circle and hear other’s stories it will inspire you to connect with your deeper truth within.

Come home to yourself.

If you would like to join my upcoming 9 Session Women’s Meditation Circle, it starts on Thursday 21st February.  Call or email to book your place.

With much love,
Justine xx

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